What do people really think of the Meal Prep Menus?

“Tonight I made Maple Dijon Pulled Chicken and OMG it was amazing. I think this recipe topped the meatballs we made last night, which were also so good. The recipes are delicious and I love that my entire family eats them (often wanting more) and that isn’t easy in my house! I am loving all these new recipes. Thank you.”

Carla A

“I can’t say enough about the Prep Parties with Simone. As a busy Mom of three kids and a small business owner, my time to make meals for my family is limited. With the recipe guides and the one click to add everything to my cart for grocery pick-up, it has been such a huge time saver. It has also been really nice to have a variety of meals and try new things. I am also gluten free so there is always an option to have gluten free alternatives. All of the meals have also been ones that my little kids will even eat! I am truly so happy to have found these healthy meals.”

Alexis M

“Let’s just say I am not a cook. I would rather throw a pizza in the oven, but I gave these recipes a chance. Some of the recipes had ‘new-to-me’ ingredients which scared me (I’m a pretty basic ingredient person), but the flavors made were absolutely amazing! It had the hubby asking what was next and upset when he didn’t have leftovers for work. Even my kids love them! Easy to prep, quick cooking, everything this busy mom needs!”

Megan A

“I love the done-for-you weekly menus with the recipes, grocery list and click list link also. It makes meal prep quick, easy and fun. My family loves the variety of meals each week…game changer! Weeknight meals are no longer stressful or time consuming. It has made me enjoy cooking again.”

Samantha F

“I guess I will start with you where there when I needed you the most. I had just had my second baby and returned to work and there was no time to plan or shop for groceries so I used your set weekly menus and imported to Kroger pick-up then did the weekly Sunday prep. This got me through some really tough times by letting me still prepare “real” dinners. This really made me feel like I was winning.”

Melissa H