Frequently Asked Questions2023-06-27T12:31:10+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have time to prep, do you offer a meal prep service?2024-03-12T16:15:38+00:00

In short, we don’t. However, we have partnered with Columbus Personal Assistants to be able to offer this service. Please contact: to organize your complimentary consultation.

Are there only dinner options available?2023-05-29T14:58:21+00:00

Absolutely not! We focused on developing a vast range of dinner recipes first and foremost as  it is typically the meal time that causes the most stress. However, we also have a plethora of breakfast, snack and dessert recipes too. Not to mention our newest edition: SEASONAL & SPECIAL OCCASIONS!

As a member, you get unlimited access to them all, unlike our competitors 😉

What dietary options are available on Meal Prep Menus?2023-05-29T14:47:42+00:00

We currently cater to gluten-free (GF), dairy free (DF), Nut Free (NF), Vegetarian (VG) Low Carb and High Protein.

Should you wish to see another preference on this list, please CONTACT US.

I don’t like to prepare meals ahead of time. Are there recipes for me?2023-05-29T14:46:44+00:00

There sure are! Although Meal Prep Menus provides instructions on how to prepare each recipe ahead of time, there are a variety of recipes that can be made fresh, made to freeze or require zero minutes of cooking anyhow! Can we get an Amen?

Where can I find the nutritional information for the recipes?2023-05-29T14:45:26+00:00

The nutritional information is provided for each & every recipe and can be located towards the bottom of the page. Please remember that these are an estimate only, because the cooking method and the brands used can change them instantly. The recipes found on Meal Prep Menus are not meant as medical advice or information. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to listen to your body and eat intuitively focusing on whole, healthy foods as much as possible.

Can I plan meals to meet my specific diet goals?2023-05-30T10:18:53+00:00

You sure can. Our founder is a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, so building meal plans that are designed to help you reach your diet goals are her love language! Whether you want to eat healthier, save money, follow a gluten-free diet, or live a plant-based lifestyle, we have meal plans that fit your needs.

We also provide nutritional information on all our recipes so you can keep track of your daily macros. Be sure to check out our search feature too, which allows you to customize ingredients & serving sizes for an even more tailored approach.

Are their meals that my whole family will enjoy?2024-03-12T16:09:23+00:00

We understand how difficult it can be to keep everyone happy at mealtimes – the decision fatigue is REAL. And so, we created our done-for-you weekly dinner menus. Each plan includes weekly meals, grocery lists, recipes, and more – all specifically designed with busy families in mind.

They are updated weekly with new and exciting meal inspiration so you and your family will never get bored or put the same few meals on repeat (unless of course, you want to!).

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