Prep Party Replays

We’re so glad you’re here. Whether you’re jumping on to catch the replay or reliving the guided prep party again, the following recordings will help to make meal times more enjoyable for you and your family.

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Simone Meal Prepping

Shared Experiences

Join us to relive the moments we spent chopping, mixing, and laughing together in the kitchen. The replays ensure you prep all FIVE dinners in LESS THAN AN HOUR and captures the spontaneous exchange of cooking tips, and the infectious enthusiasm too. Watching it brings back the warmth of friendship and the satisfaction of preparing wholesome meals as a team. It’s a delightful journey through the flavors of nostalgia, reminding us that the real magic of our meal prep parties lies not just in the dishes but in the shared experience that continues to bring us together, even through the pixels on a screen. We hope to see you live on our future prep parties.

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“Let’s just say I am not a cook.

I would rather throw a pizza in the oven, but I gave these recipes a chance. Some of the recipes had ‘new-to-me’ ingredients which scared me (I’m a pretty basic ingredient person), but the flavors made were absolutely amazing! It had the hubby asking what was next and upset when he didn’t have leftovers for work. Even my kids love them! Easy to prep, quick cooking, everything this busy mom needs!”

Megan A