Meet Simone

Founder of Meal Prep Menus, Certified Trainer & Food Enthusiast

Simone McKenna Meal Prep Menus

Who is Simone?

Perth, Australia was where I was born and raised, however, I have called Columbus, Ohio home since 2016. Growing up by the ocean made living an active and healthy lifestyle very easy. Although I pursued teaching as my career for six years, it didn’t take long to follow my innate passion for helping people, health, food and fitness & pursue a new career in the fitness industry.

Until 2015, I hadn’t studied anything other than my Bachelor of Primary Education (Notre Dame University) and worked as a classroom teacher and sports co-ordinator at a Primary School. However, I had been busy pursuing my passion for fitness, nutrition and wellbeing by studying and networking with professionals in the fitness field to broaden my knowledge. I now hold my certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management through The Fitness Training Company & completed my Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching certificate through Universal Class Inc. As of November 2015, I also completed my certificate in PT and am a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE, the American Council of Exercise.

Simone McKenna with family

When I became a mom in 2020,

I decided that I wanted to stay at home to raise my boy, which meant my busy life as a self employed personal trainer became a little tough with schedules (or lack there of). I remember how hard it felt as a new mom to juggle motherhood, a small business, taking care of myself, keeping a clean house & preparing meals for my family. I was stressed and over it. As someone who loved to cook, I started hating it.

The more I spoke to other parents and clients, the more I realized that there are A LOT of us who felt this way. I didn’t want to be “in it together” I wanted to change it!

Why Meal Prep Menus?

As a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, it’s imperative that my meals are healthy and wholesome. As a mom and business owner, they have to fit the “simple and fast” category too.

What started out as hourly virtual prep parties in my kitchen every Sunday, quickly needed to be scaled to provide choice, variety and customized options for a wider network, and so Meal Prep Menus was born. I wanted a platform to help make mealtimes more enjoyable and provide more time for my members by allowing them to spend less time in the kitchen and grocery store and more time pursuing the things they love.

The Meal Prep Menus Membership is my way to share simple, quick, healthy & delicious family friendly recipes with the community, that will save money and time. Our recipes are easy to follow and are written specifically with make-ahead meal prep in mind! With new recipes added weekly, families don’t get bored eating the same thing on repeat- proof that meal prep doesn’t have to be boring, bland or complicated!

Meal Prep Recipes by Simone McKenna

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